So Many Tiny Things

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Have you seen our selection of teeny tiny animals and other items?  Never?  Well, you should have a look!



These animals are shown actual size, none more than an inch tall.



We have so many penguins, you can establish your own adorable rookery.  This huddle’s about to get cuddled!


Select from all kinds of critters, 10 cents to a dollar each.




Going Political

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Trying to get your kids interested in the political process? 

Try HAIL TO THE CHIEF, a presidential election game for two to four players, ages 10 & up. $30.  Updatable so that you can stay current as new presidents come into office.


Check out these exciting McCain and Obama paper dolls!  See the presidential candidates in their underpants! $7.99


We still have a few Bush and Clinton poseable figures, as well as other famous Americans.  Find them in the American Legacy section of our bookroom with the American flags and books about politics including presidents, the election process, and the Declaration of Independence.



Exciting Halloween Items

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Peruse our gobs of creepy candies and loot bags. Gummy fangs, brains, and boogers!  Flavored Crickettes and Larvets!  Halloween PEZ!

Check out our new shipment of Aeromax brand kids’ Halloween costumes, available in sizes 2-3, 4-6, or 6-8.  Pictured is the Jr. Airline Pilot $48 – the size 6-8 jacket fits some Terra Toys employees!  Also available: Jr. Flight Suit, Explorer, Astronaut, Physician, Dr. Scrubs, Nurse, Executive Chef, Mail Courier, all $32-$55.

Also, we’ve mega-beefed-up our usual stock of knight and princess costumes and accessories, and we have lots of interesting facial features and body crayons.  And thanks go to our young friend Casey for modeling our some of our most excellent Halloween delights:

LEFT: Felt pirate skull hat $10, Frankenstein mask $1, Flashing gliding eyeballs $3, Creepy vinyl gloves $30, Warm-fuzzy puff scarf $12

RIGHT: Wonka-esque top hat $20, Eerie eye glasses $5.50, Poe, Suntan Target, and Icebat Uglydolls $20, Little Cinko Uglydoll $10

Last, but not least, Groovy Girls are still totally in fashion and up-to-date with the Halloween 2008 doll:

Come get some Halloween gear, and have a happy haunting :)