What do you think of the blog?

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Dear Readers,

What do you think of the blog?  Is it helpful?  I sure do enjoy sharing my favorite toys with you, and they’ll let me keep doing it if we know it’s helping you out.  So mention the blog next time you drop by the store!



We Still Have Kites

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

It’s always kite season when it’s windy!  We have a wide selection of fabulous fliers, from simple animal-themed delta and diamond kits all the way to extra-fancy designer and stunt kites.  Have a look at two of our favorite kites for kids:

The pocket parafoil ($16 to $18) is our all-time favorite and best-seller.  It has no sticks, so you can just shake it out of the bag and toss it in the air.  If there’s ANY wind, it should fly, and if the day is windless, you can run really fast down a big hill and get some flight.  When you’re done you just wad it back up and stuff it in the bag.  So easy!  Comes with plenty of string on a winder, and a super-long tail.  I took two of them to the beach in October and let the string allll the way out and planted them in the sand.  It was quite a fulfilling experience.

The 7 foot shark kite has also been fairly popular.  It’s only $22, made with durable nylon, and includes a nylon carry bag and 200 feet of line on a winder.  Look cool while your predator stalks the skies in search of other kites.

Game of the Week: Chocolate Fix

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Set Chocolate Fix out in your living room – the scrumptious realistic (plastic) chocolate game-pieces make it hard to keep hands off.  This sudoku-like single-player game of deductive reasoning is good for ages 8 and up, but especially recommended for your honey bunch on a special occasion.  Wouldn’t a birthday or anniversary be lovely with flowers and a box of challenging chocolates?

Solve puzzles by looking at clues as to where to place each shape and color of chocolate.  Difficulty ranges from easy to expert.  If you solve all the puzzles (which you will, because you’re amazing!), you can also try Grid Works, a book full of puzzles based on similar clues, but with flat, non-chocolate playing pieces. 

Thinkfun makes tons of puzzle games and word games, and we like them so much that we have an entire display island devoted to this brand.  Come see!  We’d love to open them up and show you how to play them.