New magnet toy: Buckyballs

Friday, October 30th, 2009

What you get: 216 very strong little rare earth magnets

What you do with them: anything you want! 

The possibilities are limitless.  Watch the video on their website.  This toy is mesmerizing, very difficult to put down, and it will feed your obsessive-compulsive tendencies.  I’m a little confused about why it is called a buckyball, because it doesn’t look like to me like the traditional spherical fullerene named for Buckminster Fuller. But maybe it’s just missing the sticks? I’ve spent lots of time playing with it, but I still haven’t gotten around to trying to form a real buckyball because I keep getting distracted by the cool patterns and behavior of the magnets!

$30, ages 13+

Great for your mature friends.  You know, the serious ones at the office who think they don’t like toys.

Razzle, Dazzle!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Keep baby warm this winter in our extra cozy blankets from Razzle Baby. These 30” x 30” blankets are handmade in North Texas of plush fabrics paired with pleasing prints and finished with a 6” satin ruffle. The fabrics are carefully chosen to complement each blanket style, and the result is megadorable and so, so snuggly.

Razzle Baby Blankets come in several styles, including darling deer, cosmic kids, and cuddly kittens, $72 each.

Prices and availability may vary – call store for current info.


Duncan Yo-Yo World Tour!

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Duncan Yo-Yo is celebrating their 80th anniversary with a world tour, and can you guess where they’re stopping?  Terra Toys!

Come to Terra Toys on October 28th, 4-6pm, to watch an amazing demonstration.  Three super-cool, award-winning Duncan dudes will perform stunts, teach tricks, and help aspiring yoyoists choose the right gear.  Different yo-yos are suited for different tricks and styles, so get some good advice while you’re here.  Also, take your pick of special merchandise exclusive to this tour.  We will have music, snacks, and tons of fun.  This is a free event.

Magic Show

Monday, October 12th, 2009

John Maverick, a longtime Austin favorite, has put together a magic kit of his own design.  This October, he will visit the store to demonstrate the tricks in his kit, and teach a few of them.  Aspiring magicians are invited to take a lesson from the Master of Magic himself.  The kit will be available for purchase in the store.  This is a free event!



Another Silly Commercial?

Friday, October 9th, 2009

This job is awesome:

-play with toys

-produce silly commercials

-make everyone smile

Done, done, and done!

What is Dragonsnaps?

Friday, October 9th, 2009

What is Dragonsnaps Children’s Clothing? 


“Dragonsnaps” means snappy clothes for your little dragon! We think kids value comfort over fashion, but we try to offer both by providing comfortable US-made clothes.  Some of our products are even made in Austin. Most of the clothes are cotton, and some are organic.

Terra Toys and Dragonsnaps Children’s Clothing have always been owned and operated by the same family.  When relocating from South Congress to West Anderson Lane in 2004, the two stores were finally integrated under one roof. The Dragonsnaps area of our store is a baby and children’s boutique with casual cotton clothing (boys sizes newborn to 7, girls sizes newborn to 10), a large selection of socks and hair accessories, and many baby gifts like bibs, growth charts, and blankets. 

We have a gift registry available in-store for birthdays, baby showers, or any special event you can think of.  We sell lots of amazing gift bags and wrap, but we also offer complimentary gift wrapping for your purchases, in bags hand-decorated by kids, or in natural paper bags, with colorful tissue and ribbon.