Pickle Footwear now available at kidOshoe!

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

More squeaky shoes! In addition to Wee Squeak and Squeaky Bowtique (Squeakers), we now carry Pickle Footwear squeaking shoes. US Sizes 4-8 (EU 19-24)

Squeaky shoes are great for first walkers who need a little entertainment to get them walking. Many babies are fascinated with the sound, and it keeps them on their feet longer. We see them excited about the sound, trying out different steps and changing up their pace.

A big plus for parents is that the squeakers are removable. They can be put in so Mom can find Baby when they go shopping or hit the playground, and they can be taken out when everybody’s had a long day and wants a little peace and quiet.

New from Elephantito

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

New from Elephantito, "A Modern Approach To Classic"


Mary Janes for toddlers, in Light Pink, Champagne, Patent Orchid, or Brown. US Sizes 7-10 (EU 23-27)


Vicky Ballerina shoes in White or Silver, US Sizes 7-13 (23-30); Black US Sizes 11-4Y (EU28-34)


Paris Flats: Light Pink, Brown, or Black, US Sizes 11-4Y (EU 28-34)


Golfers in Natural or Brown, US Sizes 7-13 (EU 23-30)


Jamie in Natural, US Sizes 10-13 (EU 27-30)

Telescopes by KONUS

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

The Moon is not made of cheese. The Big Dipper holds no water. And yes, Martians are preparing to invade. You’d know all of these things if only you owned a telescope. Embarrassed? Of course you are. Don’t worry though, Terra Toys has you covered. With our wide range of telescopes from Italian optical experts, KONUS, the night sky is yours to explore.

The Konuspace-5, with its simple yet powerful design, is ideal for those casually touring the stars. Need more? The Konuspace-6 provides the extra quality and magnification you’re looking for. Know your way around a telescope already? If you think it’s time to join the big leagues, the Konusmotor-500 is out top-of-the-line model. Its superior magnification, electric focuser, and motor driven base make this telescope a unique astronomical experience. If you’re a little more down to earth, we also carry KONUS brand binoculars, microscopes and compasses. Keep your eyes on the skies, toy lovers!

New Shoes from Itzel Imports

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

We have a handful of pairs of US Sizes 10-2Y (EU 27-32), but will likely expand our sizes and selection, as we’re certain that Austin’s hip kid will be clamoring for them!

These shoes are lovely and amazing. Made in Colombia of reverse-embroidered textiles called "molas", each pair is one of a kind. A mola is about the size of a small pillow case. Because only two molas at a time are made in a similar pattern, there may be 2 pairs of shoes in existence that look similar, but not exactly alike.

More info:

"A ‘Mola’ is a colorful, hand-sewn fabric panel made by the Kuna women. A Mola design is made only twice, once for each side of the woman’s blouse. Then the design is retired forever. Each piece of our Etnik Mola Collection is a work of art, totally unique – and will never be made again.

To help sustain the Kuna economy and to preserve this rich art form, Etnik is collaborating with a co-op of Colombian artisans to create our fine leather fashion products. This multi-cultural project produces jobs and economic stability for women and disadvantaged families in Colombia and Panama. A portion of all sales are donated to "Seeds to Roots," an international micro-lending non-profit foundation."

New From L’Amour

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

New from L’Amour, Mary Janes Galore!

Quilted Mary Janes for babies, in brown or gold, US Sizes 1-4 (EU 16-19)

Mary Janes for toddlers and big girls, suede with an elastic band and wonderful leather pom-poms. US Sizes 8-4Y (24-34) 

Pom D’Api

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

New lovely shoe arrivals from Pom D’Api!

This design, called Cookie,  comes in two colors: Brown with muted copper highlights and soft shimmery purple. Detailed leather flowers with rhinestones adorn their straps, both have sparkly rubber soles with a flower imprint. Made of soft flexible leather. US Sizes 6-10 (EU 22-27)


This genuine tie-up ankle boot, Woody Classic is made of soft flexible leather with a padded ankle opening and leather interior for added comfort. Pom D’Api’s earth friendly shoe sole leaves a tree-ring pattern in the footprint of the wearer.  Represent nature in every step! US Sizes 6-10 (EU 22-27)

New from Garvalin

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Agatha Ruiz de La Prada

Garvalin presents tiny girls’ shoes from Agatha Ruiz de La Prada. Electric blue suede beams with happiness and light! Everything is hearts, flowers and rainbows in this world. US Sizes 1-5 (EU 16-20)


Biomecanics by Garvalin

Classic low-top boot in a handsome deep shade of brown. The velcro closure is more elegant than most. US Sizes 12-4 (EU 29-34)

Bear Feet

Monday, August 16th, 2010


Sparkle Beary Janes

Yet again, Bear Feet has created more fantastic versions of their classic Beary Janes.  Let your little ones sparkle and shine with these exciting new prints for their feet. Made in Texas.  Metallic Pink, Sparkle White, Sparkle Pink. Sizes 1-4.


Ballet Flats

Check out these new ballerina slippers for your big girls.  Made with a soft, flexible leather and an ankle tie, not only are they cute but also very comfortable.  Made in Texas. Orange, Turquoise. Sizes 10-3Y.


Monday, August 16th, 2010


Mary Janes

Great for play or dress, Biomechanics has made two more wonderful Mary Janes.  With a flexible yet sturdy sole and removable insoles, they have turned a classic shoe into a comfort shoe that is classy.  Made in Spain.  Patent Grey or Brown.  Sizes 4-12.



Monday, August 16th, 2010


Boy’s Dress Shoes

Made with a shiny black leather, these dressy shoes will make any little man dapper.  Whether you choose buckle or lace, both are classy dress shoes and look wonderful for any occasion.  Made in Spain.  Black. Sizes 13-7Y.