Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


That’s the sound of all the sharks here at Terra Toys getting pumped for our SHARK WEEK, August 10th – 17th!

Terra Toys loves all things Shark, so in honor of Discovery’s Shark week, we invite you to come play with us!

We’ll have daily shark trivia, activities, and give away shark prizes all week long! You can see what it’s like to excavate a shark tooth, play with shark plush or plastic animals, and eat delicious gummy sharks. Plus for every shark purchase, you’ll receive a free Shark Week Bingo Board to play while you watch your favorite shark week shows at home!

Come have a BITING good time with us for SHARK WEEK! Every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. August 10th-17th!

Candy time at Terra Toys

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

We got another HUGE shipment of Candy! Special kinds from Europe and all over!

One of the things many people are often surprised about when they visit Terra Toys is the huge selection of candy we have! At random times we often do Candy Sample Time! Today we tried Happy Hippos and the famous…Crunchie Bar!

We tend to stray away from the average candy bar that you can find in any old vending machine. Instead, we strive to find candy that is high-quality, unique, or just crazy fun!

These Happy Hippos from the company Kinder, in Germany. They have two kinds of filling: one is Hazelnut cream the other Chocolate Cream. SO luscious and creamy with a crunchy white chocolate crisp on the outside of the wafer. You have got to try one of these!

Kinder Happy Hippos are the unanimous staff favorite! A perfect combination of creamy filling and crispy cookie, all wrapped up in the adorable smiling face of a hippo.

And we just can’t get enough of these new Cadbury Crunchie bars — they’re a lace honeycomb crunch dipped in chocolate!

People who have moved to the States from Europe will sometimes tell us that they used to eat these Kinder and Cadbury chocolates all the time when they lived abroad. They say that Terra Toys is the only place they’ve seen this candy since they moved! We are thrilled to hear about these awesome trips down memory lane.

Is your mouth watering yet? Ready to try it for yourself? There’s all this and more at Terra Toys right now!