Terra Toys Bag Art workshop!!

Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Attention all kids and aspiring artists!

Want a fun hobby that earns you some extra money while encouraging your artistic side?

This summer, Terra Toys will be offering free workshops on how to draw bags that Terra Toys will buy. What do they do with the bags? Terra Toys uses them as complimentary gift-wrap for customers, However, you might also be able to enter your bag art into the Bag Art Show in September and participate in the silent auction to sell your bag for 100% of the selling price!!

The bag art workshops are 2:00-4:00 pm on June 29th, July 6th, July 20th, August 3rd and August 17th

Sign up for a space today by calling or visiting Terra Toys 2438 W Anderson Lane (512) 445-4489

Find out more at www.terratoysgallery.com



Bag Art Buys Candy and Toys

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

If you’ve ever bought something at Terra Toys, you have probably noticed that our paper bags for purchases are almost all decorated.  Employees occasionally decorate these bags, but more than 95% of bags are decorated by kids.  We pay two to ten cents per bag depending on completion and creativity.  100 bags can earn ten bucks! 

Do you know any budding artists?  If so, stop by the store to pick up a pile of blank bags and a list of helpful hints and guidelines.


Bag Art


Bag Art Guidelines

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Children of any age may decorate our plain paper bags to be used by Terra Toys.  The plain white or brown paper bags may be picked up at Terra Toys (sizes subject to availability) for a 2 cent deposit per bag, which will be refunded when bags are returned.  Children may decorate the bags at home or at school: teachers may want to use bag-decorating as an activity to correlate with other classroom projects (for instance, if you’re studying nutrition, draw pictures of food!).  Terra Toys pays between 2 and 10 cents per decorated bag, prices depending both on bag size and quality of work.

Some guidelines for bag art:

 - Suggested media includes crayon, watercolour, poster paint, markers, colored pencil, collage, rubbings, stampings, stencils, etc.
 - Please do not use messy materials such as chalk, pastels, charcoal, etc., which may rub  off on hands and clothing.
 - Please do not use processes which make bags unusable, such as cutting designs into the bags or using stiff glue.
 - Make the bags bright and colorful.  Often Terra Toys customers like to use their decorated bags in place of wrapping paper.  If your bags are bright and colorful you’ll help people recycle.
 - Art may be representational or abstract; please no messages, political or religious slogans, etc.

Terra Toys reserves the right to turn down artwork which does not meet our standards.  We may also choose to pay less than the maximum price for artwork which is less than dazzling, or we may request that the artist “finish” the piece.
We realize that children of varying ages and artistic abilities are not going to produce the same quality  work; however any child or group of children, with materials and processes appropriate for their ages and skills, can produce beautiful designs.  Bag art for Terra Toys can be a good way to introduce children to the idea of working for money, and to let them learn for themselves that sometimes work is fun.  Give those junior Picassos an audience!