Terra Toys Fairy Tea Party! Sunday June 12th Free Tickets Now Available

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Terra Toys announces its 15th annual
    Sunday, June 12th 2011   

Design and create your own magical fairy!
Supplies and refreshments provided

You must have a ticket to attend!
FREE Tickets are now available
at Terra Toys and kidOshoe
Located at 2438 West Anderson Lane

Get your free tickets before they are gone!
Tickets available starting May 7th

*Everyone needs a ticket to attend the party
*Get your free tickets at Terra toys or kidOshoe
*Each attending adult may bring up to three children



Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Come check out thease fun, funky, and insanely comfortable shoes. Paez offers an alpargata style shoe that is 100% Argentine. The Alpargata is a canvas shoe that first appeared in Argentina around the 1830s among rural workers. The shoe’s popularity quickly spread thanks to the alpargata’s comfort, convenience, and versatility. The alpargata was traditionally made only in black and white, but now, thanks to Paez, they are the most comfortable and colorful fashion accessory available. At first, I thought these shoes looked kind of ridiculous, but I am a Paez convert! I ended up wearing thse shoes during a two-day travel nightmare and was glad I did. They are super comfortable for both walking and waiting and they added some funky flair to my travelers’ style. When Paez says that they are 100% Argentine, they mean it. Not only is this Fair Trade company based in Argentina, they also produce all their shoes there, and only use products Argentine products. A word to those looking to buy alpargatas: Be sure to select a shoe that fits snugly. Because they are canvas, the shoes will stretch and mold to fit your feet within 6-8 hours of wear. A loose shoe could lead to uncomfortable blisters. Paez are currently available at kidoshoe in sized 13 – 6Y. Baby Paez should be available in the U.S. soon. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

Sunday, November 28th, 2010


 Shiny new squeaky shoes from Pickle are here! These glittery glamorous shoes are available in pink and gold in sizes 4-8. 

  The squeakers help you keep track of your little starlet, but are removable in case she needs to make a more subtle entrance. 

   These shoes come with removable rhinestone flower hair clips. The flowers clip into a heart patch on the shoe so you can choose the best way to accessorize her outfit everyday from head to toe. 

    These shoes are great for fancy holiday dresses and a cute way to add a little sparkle to everyday outfits. 


Livie and Luca Shoes Fall 2010

Thursday, October 28th, 2010


At long last, Livie and Luca shoes have arrived! We are so excited to have these new designs.

Doggies and birdies and mushrooms, oh my!

Try this one with a mushroom bonnet!

Livie and Luca shoes have a comfortable, malleable inner sole that molds to the child’s foot. US Sizes 4-10.

L’Amour Quilted Zip Boot

Thursday, October 28th, 2010


Shiny black boots from L’Amour.
Quilted black patent, with a flower buckle.
Zips all the way up so it’s easy to take on and off!
US Sizes 8-4Y (EU 24-34)

Shoelaces Galore at kidOshoe!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010


Come see our FABULOUS shoelace selection! Round, flat, wide, narrow, solid, stripe, camouflage, and guitar print. Find them all on our walls. Prices from at $1 to $4. And if you like those prices, come see our super-cool kids’ belts from $2 to $4.

Cowboy and Cowgirl Boots for Kids

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010


Where can you buy cowboy boots for kids? At kidOshoe on Anderson Lane! US Sizes 10 to 4Y.

If you need something smaller we also have baby cowboy booties in size 0 to 5.

Pom D’Api Spidery Shoe

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010


This week’s shoe from Pom D’Api is an intriguing boot called Woody Mountain. It combines two kinds of soft gray leather for a look that is strangely refined and distressed at the same time.

The soles are amazing! Leave spiderweb footprints everywhere you tread. EU Sizes 22-27 (US 6-10).

Pom D’Api is designed in Paris with emphasis on comfort, support, durability, and style.

L’Amour Moccasin Loafer

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010


Slip your soles into a lovely loafer. From L’Amour, a suede brown moccasin loafer with a pink lining. Just in time for fall cardigan weather. US Sizes 10-3Y.

Wee Squeak Shoes

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The shoes from Wee Squeak keep getting more and more stylish. Now available are four new versions of a double velcro "cool kid" sneaker, as well as several shiny new options for girls.

All shoes from Wee Squeak are available in US sizes 3 to 8, and the squeakers can be taken in and out according to your preference. We also have replacement squeaky things, in case you misplace them.