Back to School!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

School has started up again, but there’s still time for toys! As Mr. Rogers says, "Play is the work of childhood." :)

Check out all these art supplies! With silly crayons, adorable erasers, and crazy pens, we have everything you need to make going back to school fun and exciting. These unique school supplies will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

We even have an awesome selection of fun backpacks, lunch boxes, pencil cases, and more. If you have something to carry, we have something for you to put it in.

Don’t forget to grab some learning toys while you’re here! This Monkey Multiplier is so cute and easy to use — just slide his legs to the numbers you want to multiply and his hands will show you the answer.

Or if you need to brush up on your geography, we have globes of all different styles and sizes. Our geography toys include puzzles, wall maps, flashcards, and the cool trivia game, GeoBingo.

Whether you’re just starting your ABCs or think of yourself as a student of life, there is learning fun for everyone at Terra Toys!


Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


That’s the sound of all the sharks here at Terra Toys getting pumped for our SHARK WEEK, August 10th – 17th!

Terra Toys loves all things Shark, so in honor of Discovery’s Shark week, we invite you to come play with us!

We’ll have daily shark trivia, activities, and give away shark prizes all week long! You can see what it’s like to excavate a shark tooth, play with shark plush or plastic animals, and eat delicious gummy sharks. Plus for every shark purchase, you’ll receive a free Shark Week Bingo Board to play while you watch your favorite shark week shows at home!

Come have a BITING good time with us for SHARK WEEK! Every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. August 10th-17th!

Candy time at Terra Toys

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

We got another HUGE shipment of Candy! Special kinds from Europe and all over!

One of the things many people are often surprised about when they visit Terra Toys is the huge selection of candy we have! At random times we often do Candy Sample Time! Today we tried Happy Hippos and the famous…Crunchie Bar!

We tend to stray away from the average candy bar that you can find in any old vending machine. Instead, we strive to find candy that is high-quality, unique, or just crazy fun!

These Happy Hippos from the company Kinder, in Germany. They have two kinds of filling: one is Hazelnut cream the other Chocolate Cream. SO luscious and creamy with a crunchy white chocolate crisp on the outside of the wafer. You have got to try one of these!

Kinder Happy Hippos are the unanimous staff favorite! A perfect combination of creamy filling and crispy cookie, all wrapped up in the adorable smiling face of a hippo.

And we just can’t get enough of these new Cadbury Crunchie bars — they’re a lace honeycomb crunch dipped in chocolate!

People who have moved to the States from Europe will sometimes tell us that they used to eat these Kinder and Cadbury chocolates all the time when they lived abroad. They say that Terra Toys is the only place they’ve seen this candy since they moved! We are thrilled to hear about these awesome trips down memory lane.

Is your mouth watering yet? Ready to try it for yourself? There’s all this and more at Terra Toys right now!


City Legal Fireworks are here!

Monday, June 30th, 2014

It’s time to celebrate the 4th of July! We have an amazing variety of city legal fireworks! From magic black snakes, to 3 foot long sparklers and floating lanterns!!!

Come see a free demonstration of any firework you wish! 

ps. here’s a secret: ask for Sylvia or Sage and tell them the "secret password" and you’ll get a free fireworks goody bag! the secret password is………..independence!

Fairy news

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Preparations are underway for the 17th annual Fairy Tea Party! Lots of work and love goes into making this party a truly fantastical, glorious event that kiddos will remember for years. You can prepare by stocking up on fairy wings and other costume essentials for your little one– these items tend to go quickly this time of year! Are you a Fairy Tea Party veteran who has a few ideas on how we could make the event even better? Share your thoughts!


terra toys playmobil fairy world

Another reason we’ve got fairies on the brain: we just got our last GIANT shipment of Playmobil for the summer and are now stocked up on the brand new fairy playsets! Playmobil has really outdone themselves on the designs and we are all in love. Other new play worlds include Country, inspired by the German Alpine countryside, and Summer Fun, dedicated to family camping trips! For the true Playmobil addicts: we’ve got a few discontinued and rare add on sets from years past. Let us help you hunt for that perfect addition to complete a scene!
terra toys outdoor
With temperatures still in the 80’s here in Austin, now is the perfect time to pick up a new outdoor toy! We’d love to show you some super fun stuff that is perfectly suited for outdoor play before the sun gets too unbearable!
We love to see everyone having a blast playing with toys in the store. Do you have any awesome photos you’d like to share? Post them to our Facebook page! You might be featured in an upcoming blog entry. You can also share with us on Twitter and Instagram (@terratoys)!
terra toys bag art
Finally, as always, we are looking for new bag artists. Kids and adults can pick up blank bags at the store, color them at home, and sell them back to us for 10c each. The bags will be used for gift wrapping– way more fun than a boring blank bag! Participate in a fun Terra Toys tradition!

Terra Toys Fairy Tea Party! June 11th & 12th!

Friday, May 16th, 2014


Come join us for the 17th Annual Fairy Tea Party!

June 11th and 12th! 1:00-4:00pm

Dress up in your most fantastical clothes and enjoy tea, cookies and make your own little magical fairy with us!

This is a FREE event but you must have tickets to attend!

Free tickets are available now at Terra Toys!

Tickets are limited and on a first come first serve basis!

Limit 3 children per 1 adult attending


Call Terra Toys at 512-445-4489 for questions


Terra Toys Top Ten Toys 2013 Edition!

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Each year the staff at Terra Toys is asked to make a list of their top 10 favorite toys for the year. We compile all the lists into a hand-picked Terra Toys top ten toys list. 


Terra Toys Top Ten Toy List 2013 Edition

Air Hunter & Air Huntress Crossbow set- Shoot whistling soft-tipped arrows fast and far over 55 feet. Easy to aim, easy to use, foam arrowheads. Very fun!  Ages 8 and up. 

SkootCase Travelling scooter and suitcase in one- Scoot around the airport on your suitcase! Comes with shoulder or pull-along strap. Fits carry-on standards, lightweight sturdy plastic. Fits ages 3 to 5.

Ferry Boat w/ Cars- Made by GreenToys, 100% recycled plastic, USA made, incredibly durable and made for all kinds of terrain: water, sand, indoor, outdoor. Perfect for ages 1 to 6!



Calico Critters Discovery Forest – The cutest little discovery forest ever! This versatile dollhouse can be a school, home, playground or anything your imagination can create! Ages 3 and up. Made for the adorable Calico Critters dolls, which are fuzzy-bodied, pose-able, dress-able tiny animals.



Giant Floor Piano- Best floor piano ever!! Play 9 different instrument tones, record and play-back your own musical creations, and plug in your mp3 or iPod to play any music you wish, and accompany it with piano fun! Jump or roll all over this giant piano to make amazing music! Durable, vinyl and super Big! Ages 3 and up.


Loop De Doo Jewelry Making kit- This unique spinning loom allows you to create one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces and accessories with bright colorful thread and charms. Create any thickness or color combination and trade with your friends. Ages 8 and up. 

CyberCycle Remote Control motorcycle-This is an awesome remote control motorcycle that does not fall over and can do crazy tricks and slides. Sharp turns and drifting action, can ride most types of terrain. Ages 5 and up.



Magformers rainbow magnet set- Use these colorful magnetic triangles and squares to make unlimited geometric shapes and structures. Fun to touch and hold, stackable for easy travel. Play with the power of magnetism in your hands! Ages 6 and up.


Spirograph- The original classic is brought back to life in this spectacular compact and complete set. This geometric drawing toy produces millions of different circular and beautiful patterns that make for an excellent art activity! Ages 8 and up. 

Rock ‘N Crock- Made in the USA, this sturdy see-saw crocodile rocks back and forth with one, two or three children! Lightweight and easy to share. 18 months to 5 years. 



Terra Toys is seeking bag artists!

Friday, November 1st, 2013

 Do you like to draw, color or paint?

If so, get paid to color Terra Toys paper bags! Terra Toys pays up to .10 cents per colored bag!

Take blank bags home, (we give them to you) color them and bring them back and we will buy your hand drawn art!

Bag art is what exempted Terra Toys from the Austin bag ordinance, and we have been buying colored bags from artists in Austin for over 30 years!

Bring in your art and show off your artistic talent and make money doing it! 

Celebrate Diwali with Terra Toys!

Friday, November 1st, 2013

 Terra Toys has sparklers, confetti blasters, smoke bees and more to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights!


The 16th Annual Fairy Tea Party at Terra Toys!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

 Terra Toys announces its 16th annual
Thursday June 6th and Wednesday June 12th!
Design and create your own magical fairy!
Supplies and refreshments provided

Tickets are Free but limited!

You MUST have a ticket to attend!
FREE Tickets are now available
at Terra Toys
Located at 2438 West Anderson Lane

Get your free tickets before they are gone!
Tickets available starting now 

*Everyone needs a ticket to attend the party
*Get your free tickets at Terra toys or kidOshoe
*Each attending adult may bring up to three children