Terra Toys Art Gallery Call for Entries

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Terra Toys is opening an art gallery, and we need artists!

We are looking for art by children of any and all ages. If you are interested in submitting your artwork, and the art meet the requirements listed below, send images to terratoys.entries@gmail.com. In your email, please provide your name, the size of your piece, your materials, and your price.

Submission requirements:


In the spirit of Terra Toys, the content of submissions should include toys, fairy tales, fantasy, whimsical imagery and imaginary creatures. No copyrighted or licensed images, please.


Oil, acrylic, pencil, and ink are preferred. Other materials may be used, but in a professional manner — for example, a collage or charcoal piece must be sealed with a coat to prevent peeling or smudging.


We ask that your submission be no smaller than 4×4 inches and no larger than 48×48 inches. However, we make exceptions for exceptional pieces.


Your art piece must be ready for the gallery! All pieces should have a hanging device on the back to go up on our gallery wall. Drawings must be framed; canvas art does not need a frame, but it is highly encouraged. Canvas art should have staples on the back, not sides.

If selected, your artwork will be displayed at Terra Toys for up to 90 days. If the piece does not sell in the 90-day timeframe, it must be picked up by the artist.

Terra Toys takes a standard gallery consignment of 50% of the selling price. "Consignment" means that neither party gets paid until the artwork sells. If you want $20 for your art, we will charge $40 to the purchaser. When deciding on your price, make sure it is fair, but worth it.

We will only consider art submitted through email; please do not bring your pieces into the store for art gallery consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Terra Toys Expansion!

Friday, March 6th, 2015

If you’ve walked by our store lately you may have noticed a little sign hanging in a nearby window…

That’s right! Terra Toys is expanding with the addition of an espresso bar and toy art gallery! You’ve heard of a Fine Art Gallery? Well this is a Fine Toy Art Gallery! Here we’ll feature all of our wonderful antiques and strange rarities from around the world, as well as artwork that focuses on our favorite subject – Toys! If you know anyone who wants their art showcased in our store, stay posted for the Terra Toys CALL for ART SUBMISSIONS! Keep an eye out for more news and grand opening announcements!

This is the "before" picture!!

Grand opening details will be coming soon!



Make Your Own Wooden Valentine at Terra Toys!!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

It’s the time of year to make Valentine’s for those special people in your life, and sometimes construction paper just won’t cut it! That’s why you can join us at Terra Toys to paint and decorate your very own WOODEN Valentine!

Drop by on Thursday February 12th and Friday February 13th between 2:00 and 4:00 pm to get started on your lovely work of art.

As with EVERY Terra Toys event, ALL materials are provided for you, and this event is TOTALLY FREE! So come join us!

Thursday Feb 12, 2-4pm

Friday Feb 13, 2-4pm


Valentine’s Sparklers

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Here we are getting ready to light one of our beautiful heart-shaped sparklers! So bright and red — the perfect thing to share with a loved one on Valentine’s Day! They are $8 for a box of SIX sparklers!



Terra Toys Top Ten Toys List 2014

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

It’s Official! The Terra Toys Top Ten Toys for 2014 is here!

Like most of our toys, these top ten winners will be available to touch and play with for the whole rest of the year, but if you want more action, join us for live demonstrations and refreshments on Friday November 21st, 12pm to 4pm.



1. C-1 Spider Launcher – An air-powered dart launcher you wear as a glove! Just squeeze your hand into a fist to send the foam darts flying. And you can keep your extra ammo in the wristband quiver! Perfect for a superhero-in-training! Ages 5+.


2. Tegu Magnetic Blocks – Made in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, these little building toys combine the classic look of traditional wooden blocks with the flexibility and fun of magnets! They are totally unique and come in gorgeous color schemes for ages 1+.


3. Loop de Loom – Weave your very own scarves, cuffs, purses, pillowcases — the possibilities are endless with this new kind of loom! Weaving is as easy as threading yarn through the spinning pegs. You can even interlock multiple sets for longer projects! Simple and fun for ages 8+. 


4. Folkmanis Black Cat Puppet – One of the most exceptionally lifelike and user-friendly puppets we’ve come across! These little kitty puppets are soft, lovable, and easy to use. Puurrrfect for ages 3+.


5. Dino Construction Vehicle Trio – Super sturdy hybrid dinosaur-machines! Choose from a Steam Roller, Skid Loader, and a Bulldozer. The perfect toy for someone who loves trucks and dinosaur figures. Ages 3+.


6. Animo Tractor Play Set – An adorable wooden play set from the French company Janod. Complete with farm animals, a tractor and a pull cart, this imaginative little scene is great for ages 18 months+.


7. Zither Heaven Rock-it Stick – Part guitar, part dulcimer, this maple wood instrument sounds great no matter what your level of musical experience, thanks to clever D-A-D tuning. Made in the USA. Ages 6+.



8. Lottie Dolls – These award-winning dolls come in a huge range of styles and interests! Whether you love butterflies or pirates, ponies or robots, snow queens or karate – Lottie loves it all too. Best of all, the Lottie Dolls have a childlike frame, with no high heels and no makeup. They’re regular kids just like you! Ages 3+.

9. Snap Circuits Green – Learn about alternate energy with this innovative take on the Snap Circuits science kits! Simply snap the pieces together to learn all about electricity, energy and circuitry. Build an FM radio, a solar-powered clock, a hybrid car, and many more! Ages 8+.



10. Nanoblocks – Build 8-bit inspired models of animals, instruments, or famous landmarks with these TEENY TINY Lego-like bricks! The small pieces allow for intricate detail and endless possibilities. Perfect for architects and gamers alike! Ages 8.+

What is the Terra Toys Top Ten!???

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Its starting to get cold in Austin and all we can think about here at Terra Toys is Christmas!!!

And of course Christmas at the Terra Toys means the unveiling of the Top Ten Toys of the Year!

But before we reveal our Top Ten of the year, we want to tell you all about where the Top Ten list came from and why we continue to do it every year! 

The first Top Ten Toys for Christmas was in 2009, when a fellow staff member made a list of her favorites to help her remember during the busy season! All the other staff members liked the idea and made different lists, each with their very own favorites of the year. Now, it has become a list of all the employees favorites, compiled into the most frequently listed toys!

The Top Ten Toys are the toys that we are going to highlight  and demonstrate during the Christmas season.  The list helps customers know our favorite toys without having to ask, and they can see what it looks like and be able to touch and demo each toy!

This year we are going to host an amazing Top Ten Release Party!

We’ll be celebrating all day long on Friday November 21st!

With music, bubbles, refreshments and best of all, TOYS! That’s right, each of this year’s Top Ten Toys will be off of the shelf, out of the box, ready for YOU to try out and play with.

The entire list with descriptions will be revealed on November 18th on our website!

Trick-or-Treat Party at Terra Toys!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014


How do you go Trick-or-Treating in a toy store? First, you build some awesome little cardboard houses! Then you place them all around the toys within the store. And finally, you invite all your favorite puppet friends to come out and give away candy!

This Friday we will be hosting a Halloween party from 2 to 7 at Terra Toys. Kids of all ages can come in costume and gather up candy from our puppet pals in every corner of the store! PLUS we’ll be serving sparkling apple cider to wash it all down! Yummm!

If you have a really spectacular costume this year, make sure you stick around for our Costume Contests at 3, 4, 5, 6, AND 7 o’clock! That’s FIVE contests and FIVE chances to win awesome goodie bags filled with treats and toys!

And even if you don’t have a costume this year, you can come over and try out our spooky Halloween Mystery Feels! Stick your hand in a covered box — IF YOU DARE! — and try to guess what CREEPY thing you’re touching. No peeking, though! If you can guess all the Mystery Feels, you could win a goodie bag!

Just like all Terra Toys events, this Halloween Party is totally free and open to the public! There are a lot of chances to take home candy and toys on your Halloween afternoon. All you have to do is stop in at Terra Toys any time between 2 and 7 this Friday and play with us!

Top Ten Trick-or-Treat Goodies!

Monday, October 27th, 2014

It’s only a few weeks left before Halloween!

At Terra Toys, we’ve got all sorts of great ideas for small and inexpensive candy and toys to hand out to your neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters. 

Not only do we have some truly awesome candy, we’ve also thought up some cool candy-alternatives for the less sugar-inclined.

So without further ado, here are our Top Ten Goodies for this year’s Halloween escapades!


Top Five Trick-or-Treat Candy Alternatives

1. Monster Bouncy Balls - You don’t have to be bouncing off the walls from eating too much sugar — as long as you have one of these adorable silly monster balls to bounce around for you!

2. Bendable Skeletons - You can make these funny bones do all sorts of things that you can’t do with your own skeleton!

3. Finger Bubbles - Who doesn’t want to find a spooky disembodied finger in their trick-or-treat bag — especially one filled with BUBBLES!

4. Halloween Stickers - An oldie but a goodie. With witches, ghosts, and haunted houses, we have stickers to suit every Halloween need! Great for stationary :)

5. Creepy Crawlies Galore - Spiders, lizards, insects — oh my! All sorts of strange critters await to put the TRICK in this year’s trick-or-treat adventures!



Top Five Trick-or-Treat Candies!

1. Gooey Ghouls - Delicious chocolate and gooey caramel all wrapped up in ghoulish monster faces make these Gooey Ghouls our favorite Halloween treats!

2. Strawberry Delights - Who ever had a Halloween where they didn’t find one of these jelly-filled strawberries at the bottom of the bag? A classic, yes, but very delicious!!!

3. Dracula Drool – An oozing tube of sour liquid that is sure to make your lips pucker and your mouth turn red — helping you to perfect your scary vampire face!

4. Chocolate Eyeballs by Madeleine Chocolates- They’re watching you! That is, of course, until you unwrap them and gobble them up!

5. Gummy Pet Tarantula by Jelly Belly-  If you can’t have a real spider to keep you company this Halloween, at least you can have this yummy gummy friend! Each one is a different flavor!

….And another favorite this year… Spooooky Ring Pops!!!  Sweet, sugary decorated rings that last and look good!! So tiny yet so much detail! 

All About Diwali

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

If you’ve driven by Terra Toys lately, you may have noticed the sign announcing our Diwali Sparklers!

Lots of people have come in asking about the sign and what it means, so we wanted to share some of our knowledge with you.

Diwali is a Hindu festival that begins on October 23 this year. Sparklers are popular during Diwali because it is a festival of lights. It’s all about celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. In India, all the streets and buildings are covered in lights for Diwali — so much so that the country is actually more noticeable to astronauts in space during the festival!

This year we are going to have a Diwali celebration at Terra Toys! On Thursday, October 23, from 7 pm to 8 pm, we will light up a bunch of our favorite sparklers and demonstrate our favorite light-up toys. So keep the date and come on by to play with us!

And whether you are celebrating a holiday, walking down the aisle, or you just need to brighten up your week, don’t forget that you can come to Terra Toys anytime year-round to ask for a free fireworks demonstration!

~Halloween Time at Terra Toys~

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

 Welcome to our favorite time of year, everybody!!

All our spooky toys and costumes are here for Halloween at Terra Toys! From dancing skeletons to spiders with party hats, everyone is eagerly awaiting the candy season.

Look at that adorable witchy kitten! She’s just one of twelve Halloween pop-up cards that we have to choose from. Whether cute or scary, they are perfect for adding to a Halloween gift or sending to some far-away friends!

These amazing Halloween paper lanterns are beautiful and elegant, making our store look extra spooky and fancy at the same time! The lightbulb inside makes the scary pictures on the paper seem to glow. Definitely a must-have for any trick-or-treat house.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the best part of Halloween: the candy! Just when you thought Cadbury Creme Eggs were only for Easter, we found these delicious Cadbury SCREME Eggs! Filled with green, gooey goodness, these morsels will put all your other Halloween candy to shame. 

And if you are a true lover of Halloween, you’ll want to pick up some of these creepy Ouija Mystifying Mints. Each time you pull them out, you’ll find yourself adding to the scary holiday spirit that’s in the air.

And remember, ANY time year-round that you come into Terra Toys in costume, you get a free toy out of our treasure chest! So come test out your Halloween costumes on us. Plus if you come in costume on October 30th and 31st, you get an extra special goodie bag, filled with toys and candy surprises!

This is just the beginning of a SPOOK-TASTIC Halloween at Terra Toys! Stay tuned for more prizes and fun coming up this October!