~Halloween Time at Terra Toys~

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

 Welcome to our favorite time of year, everybody!!

All our spooky toys and costumes are here for Halloween at Terra Toys! From dancing skeletons to spiders with party hats, everyone is eagerly awaiting the candy season.

Look at that adorable witchy kitten! She’s just one of twelve Halloween pop-up cards that we have to choose from. Whether cute or scary, they are perfect for adding to a Halloween gift or sending to some far-away friends!

These amazing Halloween paper lanterns are beautiful and elegant, making our store look extra spooky and fancy at the same time! The lightbulb inside makes the scary pictures on the paper seem to glow. Definitely a must-have for any trick-or-treat house.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the best part of Halloween: the candy! Just when you thought Cadbury Creme Eggs were only for Easter, we found these delicious Cadbury SCREME Eggs! Filled with green, gooey goodness, these morsels will put all your other Halloween candy to shame. 

And if you are a true lover of Halloween, you’ll want to pick up some of these creepy Ouija Mystifying Mints. Each time you pull them out, you’ll find yourself adding to the scary holiday spirit that’s in the air.

And remember, ANY time year-round that you come into Terra Toys in costume, you get a free toy out of our treasure chest! So come test out your Halloween costumes on us. Plus if you come in costume on October 30th and 31st, you get an extra special goodie bag, filled with toys and candy surprises!

This is just the beginning of a SPOOK-TASTIC Halloween at Terra Toys! Stay tuned for more prizes and fun coming up this October!

Candy time at Terra Toys

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

We got another HUGE shipment of Candy! Special kinds from Europe and all over!

One of the things many people are often surprised about when they visit Terra Toys is the huge selection of candy we have! At random times we often do Candy Sample Time! Today we tried Happy Hippos and the famous…Crunchie Bar!

We tend to stray away from the average candy bar that you can find in any old vending machine. Instead, we strive to find candy that is high-quality, unique, or just crazy fun!

These Happy Hippos from the company Kinder, in Germany. They have two kinds of filling: one is Hazelnut cream the other Chocolate Cream. SO luscious and creamy with a crunchy white chocolate crisp on the outside of the wafer. You have got to try one of these!

Kinder Happy Hippos are the unanimous staff favorite! A perfect combination of creamy filling and crispy cookie, all wrapped up in the adorable smiling face of a hippo.

And we just can’t get enough of these new Cadbury Crunchie bars — they’re a lace honeycomb crunch dipped in chocolate!

People who have moved to the States from Europe will sometimes tell us that they used to eat these Kinder and Cadbury chocolates all the time when they lived abroad. They say that Terra Toys is the only place they’ve seen this candy since they moved! We are thrilled to hear about these awesome trips down memory lane.

Is your mouth watering yet? Ready to try it for yourself? There’s all this and more at Terra Toys right now!


Halloween Treat Alternatives

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


Halloween treats don’t have to be edible! Here are some ideas for fun things to give out this holiday that don’t rot your teeth!


All these things are more are found at Terra Toys!!


Fortune fish

Spooky Wind-ups

Halloween rings

Bubbles and touchable bubbles


Individual play dough

Temporary tattoos



Mini crayons/ paints

Japanese erasers

Silly bands

Mini plastic animals and bugs

Mood rings

Bouncy balls



Booby traps

practical jokes

Fairy dust

Small kaleidoscope

Noise makers

Mini maracas



And wacky, sparkly and glow in the dark shoelaces can be found next door at kidOshoe!